Styled in the décor of the "Orient Express", Le Train Bleu restaurant invites you to dine in another era altogether

Journey back in time to the Belle Epoque as you enjoy a gourmet meal at Le Train Bleu... The restaurant and its unusual décor await you at the entrance to the Casino de Monte-Carlo gaming rooms.

On the menu are a wide range of traditional Italian and French dishes...

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The Société des Bains de Mer casinos also offer cosy restaurants such as Le Salon Rose.

Conditions of admission

  • Free admission with all dinner reservations
  • Admission available to all those over 18 years of age and not banned from gambling
  • Photo ID required

Dress code

To preserve the legendary aura of the Casino de Monte-Carlo and its illustrious 150 year history, we are keen to apply in our gaming rooms a dress code that meets the requirements of both elegance and tradition.

Atrium from 9am onwards: appropriate casual attire

Salle Renaissance from 2pm onwards: appropriate casual attire

Salle Europe between 2pm and 7pm: please note that ripped or stonewashed jeans, sleeveless t-shirts, tracksuits, sports clothing, shorts and beachwear, sandals and flip-flops for gentlemen, and large trainers will not be permitted.

City shorts, tee-shirts, and sports-type shoes will be tolerated.

Evenings from 7pm onwards: please note that in addition to the required dress for the afternoon, we will not allow shorts, tee-shirts or sweat-shirts of any kind.

Dark jeans, dark sports or smart casual shoes will be tolerated, and jackets or blazers are recommended for gentlemen.

Private Lounge*s from 7pm onwards: gentlemen will be required to wear blazers or jackets, which our staff will provide upon request. Tee-shirts and short-sleeved shirts will not be permitted.

*Private Lounges are the Salle Médecin and Salon Touzet in the winter | Salle Blanche and its sa terrace in the summer

Opening hours

Every day, from 7 pm until the Casino de Monte-Carlo closes