Facilités de jeux

All slot machinos in the Société des Bains de Mer casinos accept bets made with bank notes, from €5 up. They are equipped with "ticket-in/ticket-out" technology for printing vouchers with a barcode that can be used in other machines or exchanged at the cashier's booth.

The multi-deonomination option enables players to bet from 1 cent to 100 euros on  the machines at the Casino Café de Paris.

Various playing modes can be used to adapt the machines to your needs:

  • The multipractices option can be used to increase winnings according to the number of credits used.
  • The "Coin Buy" system on Roulette machines makes it possible to get an additional payment table for each new credit used.
  • The multi-line function can be used to gain an additional line of payment and is approved after each credit used. This gaming tactic increases the probability of getting winning combinations and the frequency of winnings.
  • The playables and points of the Monte-Carlo Reward Card are transferable on the Slot Machines identified by a dedicated logo.

Cash machines and cashier's boothes are available in all Monaco casinos.

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