Will Lady Luck shine on you?

Can you tell which row of cards (red or black) will have the lowest value and what colour the first card drawn for the winning row will be?

This game, originating from Italy, is offered by the Société des Bains de Mer to ensure that its range of games is as daring as is complete.

The croupier deals a first row of cards, called the black row, and a second, the red, until they reach at least 31, without going over 40. The value of the row is obtained by adding up the cards' values.

If you bet on the row with the lowest value, you win.

The minimum bet for this game at the Casino de Monte-Carlo is 20 euros

Tables seat 1-8 players

Trente et Quarante can be played at the Casino de Monte-Carlo in the Salle Blanche and the Salle Médecin

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