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The Casino de Monte-Carlo in a glance

Jeux de table

A shrine to table games

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is unique in more than one way. In addition to its sublime setting and the prestige of the building itself, it is also unique for the exceptional diversity of its table games, a diversity that exists nowhere else.

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Prestige slot-machines

With over 1,000 slot-machines, Monte-Carlo offers the largest collection in Europe. New machines are frequently introduced, exclusive throughout Europe and sometimes throughout the world. Playing the slot-machines at the Casino de Monte-Carlo means benefitting from all these innovations in a sublime setting. The impossible challenge of blending tradition and modernity is carried off beautifully when one settles down before a last-generation slot-machine amidst the gilded opulence of the salons in the Casino de Monte-Carlo...

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A legendary casino

Monte-Carlo has been a legend for almost 150 years, and its Casino has been a cornerstone in its legendary success. Its architecture, history and the people who came here to gamble have all played their part in making the Casino de Monte-Carlo a myth in the eyes of the entire world...

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